Everyday life at Camp-Wildflecken 1945-51
Alltag im Lager Wildflecken 1945-51


Washing clothes at the water pump.

Wäschewaschen an der Straße.



A father and his two boys.

Ein Vater mit seinen beiden Söhnen.


Picture by Joe Malecki, Illinois, U.S.

Father and boys


The Polish had their own church at camp.

Polnische Kirche im Lagerbereich.


Walking to church.

Auf dem Weg zur Kirche.

Polish wedding at the camp's-church.

Polnische Hochzeit in der Lager-Kirche.

Pictures by Michael Adamski, USA.




Celebrating a christening.

Feier zur Kindstaufe.


Picture by Joe Malecki, Illinois, U.S.


The camp's school.

Die Lagerschule.



Learning how to make and repair clothing.

Kleidung nähen und reparieren.

Pictures by Michael Adamski, USA.




Use of a blanket as cradle for the baby...

Eine Decke als Wiegenersatz...




About 150 tons of bread had to be baked everyday.

Etwa 150 Tonnen Brot mussten jeden Tag gebacken werden.



Large amounts of food had been provided by the Red-Cross.

Große Mengen an Lebensmitteln wurden vom Roten-Kreuz bereitgestellt.





But this happened too...

Stars & Stripes, December 19, 1945:

Bamberg - In the biggest raid, the U.S. Constabulary using 1,600 troops and 125 officers yesterday bottled up a DP Camp in Wildflecken and combed through its 60 building to uncover large quantities of illegal liquor, food and army clothing. The camp which housed 15,000 Poles was surrounded early yesterday and a systematic search for contraband goods was conducted till late afternoon. The Constabulary soldiers who swept into the camp without warning found 12 schnapps distilleries, illegal foodstuff, a number of horses, pigs, and cattle, undyed U.S. Army clothing, seven pistols, a U.S. Carbine and a quantity of drugs. 1 liquor still seized in the basement of a concrete building was in operation. Over 200 gallons of mash and 100 gallons of schnapps was found and destroyed. Operation was carried out smoothly with no trouble from the DPs. 15 arrests were made.

Schnapps-brewing in progress...
(Picture by Joe Malecki, Illinois, U.S.)


Copyright 1986 by the Yale University Library. Thanks to Yale University, Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library, for the permission of non-commercial use of the Kathryn



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