Christinas Memories

Christina C. was born at Camp Wildflecken. She never really got her mother to talk about her time there and and what happened before. What she was able to find out is the following:

"My mom was born in Spytkowice in 1921. When she was around 18 she went to Kracow to work. There she met up with a male friend who wished to go to Germany (for work) and so she went along. She said she worked on a farm there. She said after the war she went to Wildflecken. I asked her if she was sent there or did she choose to go there.

She does not remember why she was there and did not go back to Poland. She did tell me my Aunt Ana was caught by the Germans and held for 6 weeks because my other aunt went to her sisters house in Kracow and the Germans wanted to know where she was but she would not tell them. She claimed they finally gave up because she stuck to the same story always.

My mother tells me my real dad was Michael P. and he was white Russian. Then she met my stepdad and he took her to America in 1949. His name was Walter K. from Poland. When he came here he changed his name. He is deceased now so his stories also are gone.

I think I would have gotten my answers from him had he still been alive. He was a very smart man. Self taught and knew several languages. But he also had secrets that died along with him. One was why he chose to change his name."

Christmas at Camp Wildflecken, year unknown.

At Eisenhower-Place, Camp Wildflecken

Demonstration against "screening" performed by
(communist) Polish officers, 1946.

This picture was not taken in Wildflecken. The mountains
in the background indicate that the camps location
should be somewhere in southern Bavaria.
Pictures by Christina, C., USA

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