Wildflecken Connection

An old photo and a post in the 'www.dp-camp-wildflecken.de' guestbook helped Christina find her Godfather.

Here's her story:

"I saw a post in the Guestbook for a Ed Staszewski and contacted him about a year ago to see if he might know any of my family since we both were born on the same day. Then recently I found a photo of my mom's and asked her who it was. She told me she doesn't know. Okay so I hold on to this photo and then reading the back again the name sounds familiar to me but then going through old emails I see Ed's name and it clicks. So I wrote to him and asked if  a Stanley Staszewski is any relation to him. Turns out it is his father who would be my godfather from what is written on the back of the photo. So finally a Wildflecken connection. I am going to email you a copy in case you wish to use and post it to the site.

Christina's Godfather
This is the photo of Christina's Godfather

Christina's Godfather
The backside of the photo shows the name
Stanislaw Staszewski



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