Living in Camp-Wildflecken

Janie's Memories
Part 1

Janie1.jpgIn April 1945, Camp-Wildflecken was turned into a camp for thousands of people who were displaced by the war. Feliksa and Hipolit S. arrived from Erfurt, where they had worked in a labor camp.

Janie2.jpgBuildings that once were occupied by the "Wehrmacht" and the "elite Waffen-SS" were now being used to accommodate the refugees.

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Five buildings were converted into hospitals. One was used only for maternity care.


Janie7.jpg"Adolf-Hitler-Platz" became "Eisenhower-Place"

Janie8.jpgIn February 1946, Kazimira was born. She was a sickly infant, and was given medication under the supervision of the UNRRA. She died in October 1946. She is burried at the Polish Cemetery (Polenfriedhof) along with 427 other children. The cemetery is located south of the camp.


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