Garrison and Training Area during the War

After only two years of planing and construction, Wildflecken Training Area
entered service in February 1938

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In April 1938 the first unit arrived at Wildflecken for training. It was an Infantry Regiment, which was based in nearby Fulda.

It is known that German generals and commanders liked Wildflecken because of its highland-location, which guaranteed good training results.

On the other hand, this was the main reason why Wildflecken was hated by most German soldiers who had to be here. Those who survived the war, still remember the cold, rough climate, steep hills, mud and dirt.

Soon there was a saying, that expressed all the pain associated with Wildflecken:

"Lieber den Arsch voller Zecken als ein Tag in Wildflecken !"
(It's better to have an ass full of ticks than to spend one day at Wildflecken!)

During the War (Sept. 1939 - March 1945) numerous units of both the German Army and the Waffen-SS had been activated and made battle ready at Wildflecken Training Area.

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Text/Photos: Copyright by Heinz Leitsch